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We are a technology consulting and software development company providing customized, progressive solutions in the criminal justice arena.


With more than 50 years of combined experience in both criminal justice and technology, we pride ourselves in our unique ability to fuse the two domains into real, usable results for our customers.



Our Products

Our focus is on integrating all of your programs and processes into one agile data collection and dissemination program. Utilization of digital images, bar coding, touch screens, and threaded integration into GIS and other third party software are just a few examples of why we are a leader in alternative sentencing systems.

Informer Packages – Providing Solutions for:
  • Probation – local and municipal
  • Re-entry Programs
  • Work Release Centers
  • Drug Testing Centers
  • Probation Financial Management
  • Community Service Programs
  • Pre-trial Service Departments
  • Community Corrections Offices – county and privately-run
  • Youth Detention Centers
  • Drug Courts
  • Home Detention Programs
  • Community Corrections Financial Management
  • Victim Offender Reconciliation Programs (VORP)
  • County, Superior and Circuit Courts


Our systems track personal information with digital photo, address, alias, employment, family, automobile and driver’s license information.

Some of the internal programs and processes integrated into the system consist of case information, chronological personal contact history and case notes, class participation, drug testing history, community service participation, home detention, case planning, drug and alcohol treatment planning and history, workload measurement, and caseload management.

With an emphasis on tracking people, not cases, resultant analysis reports are capable of associating personal accountability with success rates.

Our Services


  • Onsite Product Training
  • Technology Consulting for Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Integration with third-party software
  • Contracted Training Services
  • In-house customer care center providing support for our programs

Toll Free: 800- 260-6509

888- 713-9474


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